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Diesel Engines: What You Need To Know

dieseljectIf you own a diesel-powered {vehicle|car|automobile} in Castle Hill, you {probably|most likely} {appreciate|value} the {inherent|fundamental|intrinsic} qualities of this {type of|kind of} engine. More torque, {better|much better} fuel economy, {easier|simpler|much easier} maintenance are {some of|a few of} the {attributes|characteristics|qualities} of owning a diesel-powered {vehicle|car|automobile}.

Still, some {motorists|drivers|vehicle drivers} {complain|grumble} about the engine’s weak power, {particularly|especially} when accelerating from a full stop.

What you {may|might} not know is that {a diesel engine|a diesel motor} can be {tweaked|modified|fine-tuned} to produce more energy without {harming|hurting|damaging} fuel economy.

Let’s {take a look|have a look} at {diesel engines|diesel motors} and what you can do to {squeeze out|eject} more power.

We use HMI Electric in Castle Hill for all our electrical needs.

Thanks to the work of one man, Rudolf Diesel, we have a choice when it {comes to|concerns|pertains to} driving. Besides hybrid or rotary engines, the {primary|main} way most {vehicles|cars|automobiles} run is {via|through|by means of} a petroleum-powered internal combustion engine.

{However|Nevertheless}, with Diesel’s 1892 patent of the engine that bears his name, diesel power has played {a significant|a considerable|a substantial} role in powering buses and trucks {across|throughout} the {country|nation}. Some passenger {vehicles|cars}, {mainly|primarily|generally} {pickup trucks|pickups}, are {also|likewise} diesel-powered, {giving|providing|offering} {motorists|drivers|vehicle drivers} {an option|a choice|an alternative} to petroleum.

Diesel engines have the following {advantages|benefits} over their petroleum {counterparts|equivalents}:

• Diesel use air compression to {create|produce|develop} combustion versus the air/fuel {mixture|mix} {required|needed} by Petroleum powered {cars|vehicles|automobiles|cars and trucks}. This {attribute|characteristic|quality} means that {diesel engines|diesel motor} do not need spark plugs and {thus|therefore|hence} do not {have to|need to} be tuned up.

• Diesel fuel has {a higher|a greater} fuel density than petroleum {resulting in|leading to} fuel economy {increases|boosts} of 20-30% over {comparable|similar|equivalent} petroleum-powered {models|designs}.

• Diesel engines are {cheaper|less expensive|more affordable} to maintain as they have {fewer|less} parts vs. a petroleum engine. The {lifespan|life expectancy|life-span} of a diesel engine is {also|likewise} {significantly|considerably|substantially} longer.

If it is torque you need, {particularly|especially} for pulling a boat, camper, or equipment, then {a diesel engine|a diesel motor} has the advantage. It is slower, {especially|particularly|specifically} when starting from a dead stop, but when {climbing|climbing up} hills or going over bridges, your diesel-powered {vehicle|car|automobile} can {handle|deal with|manage} the {challenge|difficulty|obstacle}.

So, why aren’t more {vehicles|cars} in Castle Hill diesel-powered?

Some of the reasons include:

{Stricter|More stringent} emissions control standards: Diesel engines {pollute|contaminate} more, so {not many|very few|few} {manufacturers|producers|makers} have improved upon the {technology|innovation} to produce {an environmentally friendly|an eco-friendly} engine.

{However|Nevertheless}, {several|a number of|numerous} upcoming engines {may|might} change all of that.

{Not enough|Insufficient|Inadequate} power. Yes, {a common|a typical} {complaint|grievance|problem}, even with turbo-diesel, is that the engines are not powerful enough.

{Most|Many|A lot of|The majority of} {drivers|chauffeurs|motorists} are accustomed to getting on the highway with a minimum amount of effort. With a diesel engine, it can take as much as {twice|two times} as long to get up to full speed.

{Fortunately|Thankfully|Luckily}, {several|a number of|numerous} aftermarket product {developers|designers} are {helping|assisting} {motorists|drivers|vehicle drivers} {squeeze out|eject} more power from their diesel engines.

{Performance|Efficiency} {programmers|developers}, are {assisting|helping} motorists in seeing {a nice|a good|a great} spike in {horsepower|horse power} {as well as|in addition to|along with} increases in torque. The beauty of {some of|a few of} these aftermarket parts is that they {don’t|do not} {harm|hurt|damage} fuel economy. In fact, some claim to {help|assist} improve it.

Yes, the {number of|variety of} diesel-powered passenger {vehicles|cars|automobiles} {presently|currently} on Australian highways is {minimal|very little}; {however|nevertheless}, with {newer|more recent}, cleaner, and {stronger|more powerful} engines on the way, you {may|might} soon find yourself {opting for|choosing|selecting|going with} a diesel-powered {vehicle|car|automobile} too.

Remember, we have offices in Castle Hill and Baulkham Hills, Glenhaven, Cherrybrook, West Pennant Hills, North Rocks, Bella Vista, Kellyville, Winston Hills, Beecroft, Dural.

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